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somehow this wasn’t human trafficking

Okay the guests have finally fucking done it, I have no words…

9:30am on a holiday weekend-

Guest: I know we’re early but can we check in?

Me: Let me have a look at that for you, what’s the last name on the reservation?

Guest: Ha ha ha I just spent five hours in the car with this woman and I don’t even know her last name… ha ha ha.


Guest: she’s in the bathroom!

Female guest comes out of the bathroom, doesn’t seem upset or kidnapped or anything and hands me her ID and credit card. She pulls out her cell phone too and he is looking over her shoulder and this happens

Male Guest: Oh shit are those your kids? (looks at me) Can you believe this? 5 hours in the car and I didn’t know this!

Female guest: *giggles and hands me her cell phone to look at the reservation* It’s in Korean though!

It was in Korean.

I have no idea what the fuck I just watched happen but it’s truly the weirdest check in I’ve had since the chicken suit dude.

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