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invisible service dog

Tonight on tales from bizarro world:

Guest checks in that wants a ADA room, meaning she wants a handicapped room. She wants one with a bathtub. We don’t have one of those. The bathtub is a must, so I ask her if she has a dog, thinking I’ll just upgrade her into a Deluxe room.

She has a “service dog” and proceeds to berate me for even asking her and tells me she legally doesn’t even have to disclose her dog and its discriminatory not to allow a service dog into any kind of room and I explained we keep nine rooms completely animal dander free for guests who also have the “disability” of being allergic to pets.

It gets better.

She refused to stay in any part of the hotel that wasn’t the main building, didn’t have an odd numbered room because she couldn’t look over the pool because…. SHE’S ALLERGIC TO CHEMICAL SMELLS.

Funny thing about her “service animal” She left it in the car to check in. Actually I haven’t seen this “hypoallergenic service dog” once since she came. No disrespect to my friends with Emotional Support Animals, but ESA dogs are not covered by ADA compliance for hotels in California. We’re pet friendly and if you’re not a dick most of the time I’ll waive the pet fee for them but you have to adhere to the pet rules which I know this broad isn’t going to do since I’ve yet to even see the dog. 1 bark and she’s getting charged. I don’t have time for this shit tonight.

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why do I answer the phone?

phone: So this is going to be a strange question…

Me: Sir, I assure you there are no strange questions, how can we help you tonight?

phone: Do you rent rooms by the hour?

Me: No we do not.

phone: what if it’s two hours?

Me: Sir, if you want a room for tonight you will have to pay for the entire night, I do not care how many hours you occupy the space.

phone: How much is the room then tonight? I get a discount right?

Me: It’s 158.99 plus tax?

Phone: for two hours?

Me: again Sir I have zero interest in how many hours you are going to occupy the room. Our standard rack rate tonight is 158.99 with an additional authorization of 275.00 if you are a local.

Phone: oh uhhhh damn do you know any hotels that rent by the hour?

Me: I absolutely do not, bye bye now.

In one hour I am off for four days.