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Full Moon Rising

Thursday night I had a pretty full house with some interesting but not stressful people. I also was doing double duty as front desk and evening reception which meant glory glory praise be, I got to wear my own clothes, as in a black button up and black pants instead of my usual nightmare of a uniform shirt.

I actually like working reception and to be honest I’m not strict about making sure our regulars turn in all their drink tickets or shit like that. I just want to make sure people enjoy their complimentary mid grade booze and chips and dips. I take my food prep seriously which is hilarious since I’m the only one without a food handlers license.

Three of my regulars come together every Monday and Thursday and had a pizza race the other night. They all chose different places to order from and basically wanted to see which one was faster and which one was better. I imagine when you travel as much as these bros do, you need to come up with ways to entertain yourself besides cleaning me out of Coors light.

After that I met a couple of brothers who were victims advocates coming out to advocate on behalf of a woman who was murdered. Very noble. One of them borrowed my phone charger and returned it after I went home for the night. One of them came down though with an unusual request…

I’ll be me and he’ll be Older Gent.

Me: How can I help you?

OG: So I have an unusual question.

Me: Sir I assure you there is no such thing as an unusual question around here, what can I help you with?

OG: So because that trial I talked to you about earlier is on prison grounds, I need to check my gun with you guys in the morning.

Me: (internally- WHAT THE FUCK?) Umm.. is it umm

OG: I have a concealed carry (which he shows me the documentation) but I still can’t take it on the prison grounds.

Me: Umm does your firearm have a locked case?

OG: No thats the issue, I forgot I had it on me until we were half way her.

Me: Oh dear…

OG: (interupting) I mean I can unload it first but can I check it down here?

Me: Ummm my suggestion would be to visit the sporting goods store down the road and purchase a case for it before you bring it anywhere near the desk. We’re not trained to handle firearms sir.

OG: So I can’t just put it into a safe?

Me: Would it fit into one of our safety deposit boxes?

OG: No.It’s a pretty big hand gun.

Me: Well… you’ll need to purchase a case for it, unload it before placing it in the case and honestly if you don’t want to scare the agent working in the morning, you’ll need to put it inside of your suitcase. I wouldn’t have a problem personally checking your firearm with us but some agents might and it is up to the front desk person on duty if they feel comfortable taking any sort of luggage.

OG: And you won’t be here tomorrow?

Me: No.

He didn’t end up checking anything with the desk.

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