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the tv lady

Room 3XX called down around 9:30pm absolutely IRATE that her tv wouldn’t come on. As I had a lobby full of people checking in, I asked if I could send someone over to look at the problem. She became more agitated and asked me if I could just walk her through how to fix it. Thinking it was the cable again I suggested turning it on channel 3 like we have been told but that didn’t do anything and she ABSOLUTELY DID NOT WANT ANYONE COMING INTO HER ROOM TO FIX HER TV. Being as I couldn’t see her TV I really didn’t know what was wrong with it and she said “If I can’t get this tv to come on there is going to be a problem.”

Around 10:00pm she called back and was LIVID. Her TV was unplugged and she absolutely expects to be compensated for this. And she yelled at me more about not knowing her tv was unplugged and said that this ruined her vacation and she absolutely expects something to be done about all of this. She then told me I should be taking notes because she was going to be down in the lobby bright and early tomorrow to speak to a manager about how we ruined her vacation and how she was offended we asked her to allow someone to come into her room to fix the problem because someone was sleeping in that room at the moment and how could we have someone intrude on their sleep.

not in report but seriously how the fuck was anyone sleeping through this woman shrieking at me over the phone?

Anyway I apologized profusely and called her ma’am while she screamed at me so loudly on the phone that some guests who came into the lobby were able to hear her over the phone. She was clearly audible even to a guest waiting in the chairs near the lounge. So expect Mrs or Mr Butthole to come and ask for a discount, because their tv was unplugged and I was unable to see that through the phone.

The very next potential guest was a guy wanting to rent a room for a couple of hours to bone a girl. Nope. Not tonight buddy. He also wanted to pay in cash. Bye boy bye.

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