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my neck, my back, my shifts were back to back

So I did a turn around as a favor. I worked last night till 11 and came back at 7. Last night was an absolute shit show… things I got yelled at about included:

Hold music that comes on if I can’t get to the phone because I’m already on two lines.

*Something another hotel did to a guest. Like as in a hotel whom I’ve never worked for. *

Also I got dogged pretty hard in Spanish for not speaking Spanish. Oh honey I understand what you’re saying about La estúpida niña blanca Americana.

Room rates but that’s every day.


Credit card auths not working. That’s every day though.

Also I had an evening reception attendant drop an entire bottle of red wine and break it. My pants smelled like red wine and sadness by the time I finished helping her clean up so she could start reception on time. I ended up serving for her for awhile while she tried cleaning the wine out of her shirt and made sure the food she was carrying didn’t have glass in it.

I was picking glass out of my undershirt later.

My FDM of was annoyed because I was away from the desk during this but it was all hands on deck because a broken bottle is a big deal when housekeeping is already gone and the houseperson is out fighting whatever the hell is going on with toilets and tv’s and towels.

Anyway fast forward 8 hours later and I’m dragging my tired ass back to do it again, desperately wishing for a parrot to give breakfast directions to the guests who didn’t listen to me at all a few hours beforehand.

So everyone who’s done a turn around, already has heard the “do you live here” or “did you go home?” joke so we’ll fast forward to…

The special elite rewards member who shit the bed. He was very polite to let us know he had a “#2 bathroom issue” and might need us to strip the beds. Later he comes in and tells my partner and I that “I may have left something in the room but I’m not sure.” It took all I could to keep a straight face.  Like literally “no shit” in this situation.

Phones were stupid for most of the morning but my partner on today’s shift and I already decided if he’d do the accounting and gift cards and blocking arrivals, I’d check people out and answer the phone and sleep with my eyes open. It worked out.

God punch me in the face if I ever agree to a turn around again.

However I met a very nice Australian family who I ended up being to help out to get a room on the fly last night who thought we were “booming brilliant” and really enjoyed all the suggestions I gave them the night before for where to get a pint and food within falling distance of the hotel that they could also take their kids to. They thanked me so many times and really really loved their stay. I was able to help someone through a bunch of authorization problems with their stupid travel agency and the damn bank balanced on the first shot so it’s a win.

If you need me I’ll be in a coma until I get up to do it again tomorrow.


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