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hey baby, it’s the 4th of july

Two for one tale tonight. Casa De Pineapple has been crazy interesting lately…

First part: One of my favorite bands checked into the hotel. If you can guess who it was, rad, I will not confirm or deny who they are but I already had tickets to see the show before I knew they were staying with us. At one point during their two night stay their (imagine some musical device here) player came down to the desk to ask me for some directions to a haunted abandoned tunnel they’d read about online and anything else cool we might have that I thought they’d be into.

So here I am being cool about it when my manager walks up and says “OH MY GOD ARE YOU IN (this band) WE ARE ALL SUCH BIG FANS. SHE’S GOING TO YOUR SHOW TONIGHT! How cool!”

I prayed for a hole to open below me and eat me alive. It was so embarrassing. Full disclosure, I used to work in the music industry and you’d have a hard time to get me star struck or to even acknowledge someone’s fame unless it seems like a thing they’d be into.

Luckily Band Member was very cool about it and seemed to understand that I was mortified.

Second part: We’re sold the fuck out. I had about three hours where the phone wouldn’t shut up. People kept calling for roll aways except they were in 2Q’s and no you can’t have one. At the end of the night some guy from my hometown came in and tried to get a room. He’ll be Valley Dude and I’ll be me.

Valley Dude: I need a room for 5 people

Me: Sir I regret to inform you we’re sold out this evening.

VD: But I drove all the way from (hometown) and I need a room for five people.

Me:Awww I know it’s super hot in (hometown) right now but I am sorry, we do not have any available rooms.

VD: You’re from there or something. What high school did you go to?

Me: I’m sorry sir, what?

VD: What high school did you graduate from?

seriously what the fuck, I don’t need to answer

Me: oh you know West Hometown High School.

VD:oh I want to Fuckerydoo-A-Palooza high. BUT MY FUCKING WIFE WENT TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL. Come on what’s a room cost?

Me: We simply don’t have any rooms.

VD: Yah but what would it cost if we had one.

Me: We don’t have rooms that would sleep five but if we had any rooms tonight they’d start at 300.

VD: That’s too expensive. Fuck you.

Me: Have a good night.

Three more days until Vacation


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