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tales from the phone

This happened the other night….

The house phone rang meaning that some diamond snowflake golden bamboo stick member wanted something and he didn’t want to come down and get it and he also apparently didn’t like the Houseperson on duty for some reason and wanted me to bring it.

Me: Okay sir I can bring something up to you instead, what item did you need?

I only offered because  its one of the closest rooms to the lobby, I’m away from the desk 120 seconds max, and my Houseperson is overwhelmed cleaning up the pool area after a “heat wave” where we are and more than a few people unable to return their towels to the bin after using them. Normally when I’m alone on the desk at this place, I’ll say no.

Man: Comb. Girl, C-O-M-B, I need a comb. Do you want me to spell it again?

Me: (no I want you to be eaten by an angry bear): Sure sir if spelling entertains you, otherwise I’ll be right up with your comb.

Comb, that’s C-O-M-B guys, was deposited in a small hand through a crack in the door. Maybe the guy realized he was a douche on the phone and was too embarrassed to open the door fully or maybe it was just like every other time some naked man just wanted to yell at someone so they chose the front desk…Who knows?


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