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The Military Woman

So this lady  walked in the other night to get a room without checking availability or rates.

WALKED IN mind you, and slammed down her military id and credit card before I could even finish saying “Can I help you?”

Me: Can I…


Me (inside squirming with joy because that’s just not a very nice way to greet someone): Ma’am we are sold out of two queen rooms tonight.

MW: DELUXE TWO QUEENS! (So clearly she’s stayed with us before to even know we offer that.)

Me: Ma’am we’re sold out of those rooms as well. Actually we are completely sold out aside from a handicapped single king tonight.


(Sorry, would you like me to go kick someone out of a room for you? Are we in the middle of a coup?)

Me: Ma’am I’d be happy to let you look at the computer screen so you can see what I’m looking at but we are completely out of anything that would suit your needs.

MW: I’m complaining to your bosses and corporate for your disrespect of a United States officer!

Me: Please give your President my regards and have a nice day.

Don’t get me wrong. I love military people. I love Vets. I wasn’t even keeping her out of a room because she was being rude. I would have gotten her a room no matter how she spoke to me but I simply didn’t have one.


Oh and she never complained.


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