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grad weekend, night 3

It will be quiet they said, everyone is leaving they said…

We’re 80% full.

Loads of week long guests checking in as well as a mountain of walk ups. And for some odd reason they all arrive in clusters. Like five at a time. Lots of walk ins too. My partner cleared out about 1 1/2 hours ago and so it’s just me and the ever shrieking telephone and our house person.

Also joining us tonight:

-Loud Fucking Television in the Lounge Man. He’s watching Family Feud in my Lounge at a volume that is inhumane and I want to ask him to turn it down but there aren’t any rooms down here so there’s no reason for him to be quiet other than it’s driving me nuts. He claims he can’t sleep but I’m not sure why that means he can’t watch TV in his own room. Whatever. This is a new TV and some other asshole switched it over to Chrome cast at some point today and it took three of us to figure out how to switch it back because the new “futuristic remote” doesn’t have any writing on the buttons and it’s the only tv in the building with that brand so it’s not like I can get the master remote and fix it. Whatever. Old dude who’s clearly deaf kept insinuating that I was stupid for not being able to figure out the remote while both of my phones were ringing like crazy and I don’t know OTHER PEOPLE were in the lobby. Whatever. My maitenence man came back to the hotel to fix it.

-The man I swear was taking a dump while I was fixing his keys at the desk. No ones farts could smell that bad.

-Everyone going swimming for hours. We’re completely out of pool towels. My poor house person is doing laundry as fast as she can but let me tell you it hasn’t been fast enough.

-The phone won’t stop ringing. It’s a good thing but again I’m the only one here and the phone is out of control and somehow we’re sold out tomorrow except for our 2Q pool rooms and those are sold out tonight. The early check in requests I’m getting over the phone are making me want to unplug it. If all of the 2qP are sold out tonight, do you really think that people will be out of that room by your early check in request time that is prior to our check out time? Nope they won’t be.

I’m probably just worn out but fuck me I can not wait for my weekend which isn’t until Wednesday. I’m sick of being bitched at for minor things like people not understanding how the air conditioner works. How the fuck do you think it works? Push ON. There it works. Oh the ice machine is too far away? Well shit let me rearrange the whole building for you…

Seriously I love my job just this weekend has been A LOT. When your rates cross over the 3 bills mark people get very very very needy…


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