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my third graduation weekend begins…

Come Sunday I am going to be a husk of an FDA.

Tomorrow I go in to open again. Tomorrow is the unofficial start of the weekend in the city where I work. Tomorrow is the unofficial start of alumni weekend for the college that’s about to make my life hell by graduating.

We are a 3-4 star hotel. Definitely top 10 in our city and we have nice rooms. It’s not the Ritz my bitches but it’s nice. Not sure if it’s 450 dollars a night two night minimum nice but I could literally Air B&B my laundry closet at my apartment for like 300 dollars, so charging almost 500 a night for a room isn’t that absurd.

But the people… the people have the whole city on double time. The bartenders in town are bracing for it. My waitress friends. Uber drivers. Everyone is getting ready. This city is about to explode… the nearest town to us is having a giant Fathers Day car show too that totally fucks up everything even when it’s not grad weekend. No idea why no one talked to anyone else but all of humanity is coming to live with me and the genderless personhood of the keys this weekend and they are paying out the asshole for it.

The phones have been ridiculous. People trying to get out of the two night minimum. People trying to get a rollaway in a 2Q. People pissed off that we don’t have suites, but they knew we didn’t when they made their reservations. People trying to make a reservation with one agent and cancel it with another. People making reservations through expedia and then calling to change it up when they straight up know that they can’t.

It’s gonna be a long weekend…


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