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I’m not paying for that

Last night the in house phone rings and it was an elderly couple that I had just checked in after a wedding. I’ll be me and he’ll be Old Guy.

Me: Hello how can I help you

Old Guy: Hey there’s a goddamned roll away cot in this room and I wanna know who ordered it, there aren’t three goddamned people in here.

Me: Oh I’m so sorry sir, I can send someone to come and take it out of there, that’s unacceptable.

Pause, I know that the rollaway was for the guest the night before because I remember them requesting it and I don’t know why the HK didn’t roll it out after cleaning the room, but we’re down two HKs and I already had another group from this wedding come down and complain their room hadn’t been cleaned or even had stay over service

OG: I don’t want any more goddamned people in this room. Are you making someone else from the wedding stay in our room?

Me: No sir, it was simply a mistake, my houseman can come up and take the rollaway out of your room if you’d like.

OG: No but I ain’t paying for that goddamned thing, you hear?

Me: Yes sir, have a good night.


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