but I’m a…

It’s Saturday night and we’re pretty quiet. I’d love to move our last few rooms but I don’t set the rates. I have a guy who is a special level orange triangle magic beans member call up asking for a 2 Q tonight, which I have. Our rate is XXX. I’ll be me, he’ll be Orange Triangle.

Me: Hello thank you for calling the blah blah blah blah blah, my name is blah blah blah, how can I help you this evening?

OT: Yeah are you in [city]?

Me: Yes sir we are, how can I help you?

OT: Well Missy (not my name) I need a room for tonight. Two kings if you have it!

Me: We only have two queens sir. Our basic 2Q tonight starts at 239 and that includes free wifi, free hot full breakfast and free parking…

OT: But I am an Orange Triangle level 14 wizard! What’s your rate for that missy.

Me: Oh dear sir let me look… Well you club PRIVILEGES afford you a discount, sure, that will bring the room down to 215 plus tax and it includes…

OT: That’s the best that you can do for me? I stay with you all the time! Missy

Me: Well sir if you’d be so kind as to provide me with your name I can look up your Special Status and…

OT: Nope. Forget it. Some good you are.

I hear the dial tone. I don’t care.


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