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Sunday shifts can eat a bag of whatever is handy..

So I finally got my first angry guest and it’s all Priceline’s fault.

This man came in just as I was finishing up with another customer, I’m completely alone at this point. Also the phone was ringing and the walkie talkie was going off all at the same time.

I’ve learned I hate working on Sundays here, this place is a zoo of old people and international travelers. I’ll take Friday and Saturday nights over this shit any day.

Anyway angry dude is already frustrated that I wasn’t sitting here waiting for him and started the check in, in a foul mood.

I go through and check him into the room her reserved or that Priceline told me that he reserved a room with 2Q’s so I picked a room out for him and started making keys and he was mumbling something about king rooms and I looked down at his reg cards and explained it was a 2Q on the reservation. He immediately got angry and said “Well how the fuck do I get a king then?”

I asked him if he did a blind reservation or specified what kind of room that he wanted on Priceline and he swore up and down that he reserved a king pool view and paid extra for it. Except I’m looking at his reservation and there is no way that rate was for a pool view, sorry dude. So I explain that the reservation from Priceline was for two queens and start doing the speil and he says “But I paid extra” and I said that he’d have to talk to Priceline about whatever he paid and that I’m not supposed to change the room types for online prepaid reservations, but that he’s welcome to talk to my manager about it when he gets back from lunch.

To which the angry old coot ripped the hotel map and keys out of my hand and said “oh screw it and stomped off.” Joy. Then he comes back yelling about why didn’t we have any luggage carts. We do of course but they’re in an alcove. To which I am treated to a special rant about how stupid that is.


Today was a close runner up with every other traveler being international and seemingly to check in horde style every time my partner left the desk. Boooo.

The other fun thing is the Graduation calls have started up again. You aren’t getting a room in [City] that weekend unless you stay two days, period. No one is off the two night minimum. And when you tell people the rates they freak out. Today I had one that wen’t something like this.

“It’s [amount of money?] Well I’m just going to call everyone else and find something cheaper!”

No you’re not. Sorry but do continue!

“I could rent a house for a month for that amount of money!”

Not here where I live, but okay hoss.

“This is so stupid. Have a nice day!” Says graduation asshole.

No dear, what’s stupid is you waited until less than a month before Graduation to make a reservation. You’re a tool. If you had booked it when you dropped your student off back in August,  you’d probably be paying 140 or something but now you’re looking at a bill close to a grand… your poor planning is what you’re paying for. Learn to adult.


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