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Murphys Law Mondays

This is my first week of training on mornings. I also had three days prior.  AutoClerk at least to my knowledge doesn’t do the same mass check out function that Opera does. Also we don’t do the receipt under the door at the new place so I have to check people out as they come by.

Yesterday it was the woman who waited until her departure to tell us her shower didn’t work. She was prepaid so because she didn’t bother to tell us and wanted to leave that second even with four hours to check out, we couldn’t do anything for her except offer to fix her shower (it wasn’t broken, operator error) so she left in a huff.

You’re pre-paid. Take it up with Expedia.

The last guy was a Magic Beans club member and I honestly did feel bad. His stay notes pretty much looked like the stay from hell. Cute dog upstairs from he and his wife was still a puppy. Pretty sure it was the same dog that peed in our lobby so they moved him to another room for the second night and gave a slight discount. I mean we’re pet friendly, dogs are gonna dog but it wasn’t an issue to move him. Second room he was moved to was sometime last night after my shift ended. He went into the room and HK had “cleaned the room” but had left a large assortment of dirty laundry from the previous guest in it. I’m just as confused as y’all but we moved him again.

Room number three wasn’t even the room type he wanted but its what we had. This is the room he checked out of today. While they were checking under the decorative throw on the second bed in the 2Q because he’d misplaced a thing and thought it might have fallen out on the luggage bed he found a fucking tampon. Unclear or not if it was used but he did put it in the trash for us and let us know so we could check the trash. He and his wife were too male or too old to be using tampons so…

I am so disappointed.

Anyway the fucked up part of all this is, he was so fucking nice about the whole thing. Totally said he loved the hotel and that we were so attentive and eager to fix any issues that they had problems with and that they weren’t mad just thought we should know. That they’d stay with us again, our breakfast is the shit, they stay with our brand all over the country, thanked us etc and that was before I went and got my manager and was just like “dude, do a thing.”

So New Manager did a thing and knocked some money off their bill because they weren’t prepaid. I’m surprised we didn’t offer them Magic Beans points but this poor guest, their stay was like the biggest debacle and they were so nice.

Conversely we had a false review over the weekend. They had waited well over a month to accuse us of  the b. bugs. As per policy we tore the room up looking for evidence but seriously bitch wanted a full refund for her night of “horrible torture” that she didn’t feel the need to mention when she checked out. Last month.

“We are so sorry about the bites you received on your trip. We are more sorry they weren’t bites from bears.”

Fuck off.


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