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Advice to the new

So I rarely get any requests for advice on the hotel life, hello I’m new and partially very stupid, but I had a question floated my way about things people should know when starting out in the hotel business… This just my way to live….

eat.. make sure you get your breaks and eat before you go in.

find real work shoes. Don’t try to truck it in converses or vans or whatever pair of shoes you may own in the right color. Splurge. It sucks now when you’re starting out but you know what sucks more? Not working because you can’t stand for 8 hours.

if your hotel doesnt provide a notebook to take notes in, fucking buy one pretty enough to keep at the desk to write anything down.

if your hotel doesnt have a digital log or a requirement to physically write something weird a guest does down, you can start his own. at very least you’ll be able to answer the questions a manager has the next day.

read your reviews every day. even if you cant do shit about them, read them. find out what someone else did wrong, don’t do that.

never say a room number out loud. never repeat a credit card number out loud.

we all have rough nights, if you work mornings pack a tooth brush, mouthwash,tooth paste in your bag or work somewhere you can swipe some. if you are remotely questionable about your appearance to a guest, bathroom then clock in. Hairspray, body spray go a long way for fdas when we’re worn out.

make sure you wear something under your uniform that you can take off after a shift . it cuts down on laundry if you can just take your shirt off and leave it in your car, a locker etc.

Scotch Guard anything you can. Pants and shoes especially.

Never check your friends in to the hotel unless you know they won’t fuck up.

Smile when you talk. Especially on the phone.

Learn to start every sentence with “WE apologize,” not “I apologize.”

Personalize TA cards. All you have to do is write “thanks-name” and some places pay you as an FDA when you get a five star.

Housemen/Housekeep/maint are your gods. You should never piss them off unless they do something so out of the realm that they could be fired for.

Never get fired for anyone.

Don’t eat in the hotel until they force you to. Deny it like three times and then they’ll get it that you’re not just there to mooch.

Spend some off time learning the brand and it’s tiers and if it has a rewards program. You may not work for central reservations but calls will come in.

All in and all don’t let the guests see you sweat. Be firm but kind. Be human but robot. Get the best out of your spot that you can, like every perk, fucking take it (except for onsite breakfast) never fucking take free drinks from anyone you work with, and for the love of god know your shit. Know your property like you live there. Know your ability to correct anything like the back of your hand.

When all else fails “I’m new let me grab a manager who can better assist you” pretty much cleans the plate.

Good luck to you, we were all new once.


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