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This can’t be right, none of these people are crazy

Our guests are either heavily medicated or we just attract a more polite client base at my new home on the Southside, basically I never hear a guest raise their voice or complain. They call when anything in their rooms breaks and we just talk into the radio and someone magically goes to fix it.

I’ve only gone on exactly one trip to “fix” a door and it was operator error. Basically this dad was carrying his cute cute cute little boy and not sliding the card right and I was able to open it. His son is that age where he can sort of walk and sort of hold a conversation and it seemed the automatic door in the lobby is the first he’s ever seen because he has decided he’s magic because he can make it open and close. I’ll allow for this. It’s tragically cute.

The set up on the Southside is different. Only one of our three buildings is physically connected to the lobby so once someone checks in, I rarely see them again since they don’t have to come by the desk every time they leave. Our breakfast room is in another building as well so while doing mornings this week, I still don’t really see anyone once they’ve checked in. I have rooms so far away from the desk that if someone were to be an annoyance I could just exile them to the rooms near our dog park.

Yes we have a dog park. I get to meet a lot of dogs.

The Rewards Snowflakes aren’t even snowflakes. They’re all chill. Some of them are such regulars that I’ve already memorized them because they stay with us on certain days of the week. We have a lot of corporate guests.

To be fair I haven’t worked a weekend yet aside from working a Friday night where I got to go home early because everyone miraculously checked in before 9pm. On Cinco De Mayo. What? And they all went to their beds and never came back.

My trainer and co-worker yesterday was super cool and I look forward to working with him again. I knew we were gonna get along right away. He reads “Bitchy Waiter” or whatever that blog is and also snarks at people’s yelp reviews and stuff. We had a field day reading reviews yesterday. It’s a running joke that some “police” officer has a crush on him. (It’s a security company and Lt Dickhead will ONLY talk to my coworker.)

A dog peed in our lobby yesterday. That’s about the spectrum of drama on the Southside at the moment.

I also had a call from The Fake Boutique Hotel across from my old spot that they had a guest come in and tell them they walked out of the Hotel Cartel when they found out I wasn’t there anymore.



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