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hobo island

So the new place was attacked by heroin hobos the other night.

I went home before these people checked in but somehow a group of transients got enough money together to rent  one of our rooms. We have some rooms with outside facing entrances and so it is kind of easy to sneak an extra person or two inside as long as you don’t want the free breakfast. Anyway like 7 or 8 people crowded into one of our rooms that’s in a more isolated part of the property and proceeded to trash the fuck out of the room. I’m not even sure how long it’s going to take to get it back online.

The room was full of smack needles and trash and smelled to high hell. Sheets were soiled. Furniture was soiled. These people apparently were 86’s from the property sometime before I came in. They were hiding their homeless people stuff in our bushes and houseman and head of maintenance tossed all of it in the dumpster. They had left some other stuff in the room which we had in the “lost and found” area because some how we knew they’d come back.

Cue to yesterday I come in and get told about the heroin horror room. We’re busy yesterday. Not too busy but busy enough that I’m on the phone when this sort of grungy guy comes up to the desk. My partner was in the bathroom or something and I was straight up in the middle of a reservation so I asked the man to wait. It is a policy of mine not to immediately assume someone is trash because of how they look BUT given our proximity to a large park with a hiking trail and three 24 hour eating establishments, we get a few hobotastic people coming in here and there. So I did the “I’ll be right with you” gesture and finished my call.

While I was on the call the guy kept trying to talk to me, telling me my nails were pretty and he liked my hair flowers and man he did not smell good but again, no hate.

When he was telling me his name and explaining he was a guest the night before and he wanted to extend his stay. It was well past check out time so extending his stay seemed like the most ridiculous request I’d ever heard but I went through the process of looking him up… or I started to when my partner came back and was just like “No, we’re sold out and you were asked to leave. You need to take your stuff and go. All your friends. You need to get off the property.”

The dude starts saying he’s sorry and that they’d just go over to the Chain Place That Sells Breakfast next door and my coworker stopped him and was like “No sir, you will not, that place is still our property. You need to move on passed the gas station in order to leave our property.”

(This is true, the owners of our building own everything from our far wall to the wall at the Yellow Gas Station. Another hotel and food spot pay to be on our property, so we just do them a solid and when we evict for things like this, we throw them off all of the owners land. Trust me when the hotel next door, which we have nothing to do with other than them renting the land, won’t let you stay there, you’re sketch as fuck, that place is not exactly nice.)

The guy leaves without a fuss or so we think. We look at the camera a couple of hours later and Team Hobo is still hanging out by our dumpster. My coworker says he might call the cops but our matainence guy goes out and shoos them off again. They proceed to go into the Breakfast Chain Place and get kicked out of there.

I tell my coworker we should just call the cops, mostly because the baseball game we were watching behind the desk was getting boring and I was going to get cut soon because we were slow. About that time a gentleman checks in and he’s complaining about Team Hobo and my coworker calls the cops.

Can’t wait to see how that ended up since I got cut for us being slow (four check ins left at 9pm). I get to work the psycho shift tonight for Cinco De Mayo. I’m not nervous though, all of our guests so far have been really really cool. Actually more chill than when I was at the last place at night. I guess we have A LOT of regulars.


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