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Here we are now going to the south side

So things are going well at the new property. Everyone is super laid back and it seems to work. I remember the PMS system like the back of my hand and the customers are so far so nice. My FDM is a chill dude that curses like a sailor but also is very very Christian which no issue with that here, I just think it’s funny to see someone with an “I love Jesus” keychain with no irony, call someone a motherfucker. One of my coworkers shall be christened Cool As Fuck and we’ve already decided to be best friends. CoWorker with the Russian Name is cool and my GM is some kind of Pirate Queen. I love her. The evening reception attendant is just so glad to see another girl in the building that she’s decided we’re going to be best friends too.

Tonight though, the weird started coming out.

This afternoon we had a power outage. Apparently these are frequent due to people hitting power poles and also the heat has started hitting the city of No Where Really so sometimes we get dips in the grid. It was only off for a few minutes but long enough to disrupt a few minor things. FDM and I got everything back together pretty quickly.

One of the Housemen got fired today. I don’t know much about it since it’s my second day.

One of my housekeepers had her car clipped by the Nationally Branded Soda That Comes in a Red Can’s truck when he came to deliver some product.

Had a homeless guy come up and try to hide his cart. My FDM was a gem to him though and called around looking for places that take cash and will rent without ID because he was straight up with the guy, that we simply couldn’t rent to him. Homeless guy tried to tip my FDM for making those calls. FDM declined.

Another lady came down and walked up to the desk and this happened:

Lady: I’m here to make a complaint.

FDM &ME: OMG, what can we do for you?

Lady: (Looking at the FDM) I’m complaining because she (pointing at me) is too cute for words and you’re slacking boy. How can you let this girl walk around here being so cute and you’re not even trying!

FDM and Lady crack up and Lady asks for pool hours and compliments my hair and hair clips and wanders off. I guess she’s a regular.

But the weirdest part of the night was a gal that came in asking where a room was. She talked to my FDM and I just watched because hey, I’m training. (Eye roll I’ve been doing reservations since about an hour after walking in)

FancyLady: Where is room 4938

FDM: Well are you staying in that room?

FancyLady: No but my friend is and he’s just going to leave the door open for me.

FDM: Well his room has a hallway that requires a key, so if I could just call him really quickly…

FancyLady: Oh no he said he’d be holding the door open for me.

FDM: I mean I can make you an access key so you can go knock on the door if you’ll just let me call Mr…

FancyLady: (checking her phone) No not needed just wanted to see where the room was. Oh dear I’m late!

FancyLady walks off and my dear sweet FDM looks at me while I’m smirking my face off into the bucket doing bucket checks.

FDM: Was that… weird to you?

Me: She’s an escort.

FDM: No fucking way.

Me: She’s an escort dude. We had them all the time up at The Hotel Cartel. That’s an escort.

FDM: So like we have a hooker in our hotel?

Me: Mary Magdalane herself FDM.

FDM: Wow. That doesn’t weird you out?

Me: Nope.

FDM: You’re terrifying. I like it. What the fuck, hookers…

He’s worked there for a dogs age. I assure you, he’s seen an escort before.


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