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This actually happened a couple of weeks ago….

So I roll into work to do a 3-11. These are otherwise known as the psycho shift, but I’m so used to them now I don’t even care.

If you don’t basically live in hotel land you don’t understand that a 3pm check in, isn’t set in stone. Sometimes you can come in early. Sometimes if we’re sold out as hell the night before and two housekeepers call out, you’re quite frankly are shit out of luck. We’re not checking you into a dirty room. Sorry.

(Although since most likely a guest will complain about waiting just as much as they will complain about a dirty room, really it’s just a matter of what you feel like being complained about, I prefer to let them complain about waiting.)

Enter the Sportsball Parents here for some Sportsball tournament that were PROMISED a 3pm check in. I get in and Rad Girl (formerly New Girl) and New GM are dealing with these angry parents who can’t check into to their rooms for Little Bobby Joe to put their uniforms on.

Pro Tip: If you absolutely have to be some where on time, spring for two nights. Stay the night before. I think I mentioned this with rooms in wedding parties. If it is time sensitive, then even calling the hotel the night before to find out if you can check in before 3pm isn’t going to cut it. Stay two nights. Your sanity will thank you.

Anyway all these team parents are pissed off because some members of their giant group got rooms faster than others. Those rooms were suites, that’s why. The suites either hadn’t been used the night before or they checked out early enough to get on the roster to be able to be assigned.

I don’t think people understand that hotels do not have a “Reset” button we just push that flushes all the fucked up rooms and gives you a perfect fresh new room immediately. Actual human people have to clean rooms in order for you to occupy them. It’s not magic.

So I did what any asshole seasoned desk clerk would do, I took charge.

“Attention! Parents trying to check in for SportsBall tournament, our housekeeping is cleaning as fast as they can and we will be handing out rooms as they become clean. If you’d like to form a line at the desk and sign in the name on your reservation I will call you up as I am alerted to clean rooms. In the mean time you can hang out in the lobby, we have coffee, we have a remote for the tv, we have places your child can change clothes in.  Okay?”

And shockingly they all did it.

It wasn’t the most lady like solution to the problem but no one else was stepping up and these people were getting restless. And what do you know? Once a couple of parents checked in, there were miraculous places for other kids to change. Sharing is caring and you share on a team, right?

Later when the parents came back and were liquored up and wanting me to go out to drink with them when I got off (politely declined, I don’t hang out with my guests after work, no offense just looking out for everyone involved…) I figured I’d done okay and that everyone had stopped being pissed off at me (aka my hotel, it’s never actually you) for not having their rooms ready.

Oh and whatever team that was won the Sportsball Tournament.


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