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the countdown to my last day

With my last day on it’s way I’d like to say I’ve been lazy, but no.. I walked in yesterday to new FDM who is on her second day, new GM who is on her second month and still can’t do a check in, New Girl who I will now refer to as Rad Girl and some other dude we borrowed from some other property who was wearing the wrong uniform.


Rad Girl was getting off work and simply whispered “Good Luck” and ran for it. I don’t blame her, she’s still learning stuff and keeps getting put in these situations where she’s basically training the managers.

Because I was already wearing a dress shirt, and there was a line forming, I just pulled out my name tag and jumped in to help because there was a ton of help needed.

New FDM has dyslexia which hey, nothing wrong with that but training her is going to be difficult as many of our codes are two letter codes and she keeps getting them mixed up. Again it’s her second day and this is to be expected. I just see this as a long process for her.

Borrowed guy is seasoned but he doesn’t know the system either and was basically in the way. But I was on an 8 hour shift and I’m supposed to have back up… So I set them to work filling the coffee station so I could get people into their rooms and move them out of the lobby so I could see whatever else mess was made.

I wanted to just go home. But the customers deserve more than that. My new GM deserves to go home at a reasonable hour. So I hunker down and get some shit done. You wonder if it’s worth it sometimes but then…

We have these two goofy dude bros that stay with us. They work for a cable installer and they stay with us two or three times a month for like four days. They practically live with us. I know one of the guys wife’s name and talk to her pretty frequently when she calls to check on him when he forgets to charge his cell phone. The other one is a total pot head but he always smokes out in his car and he’s really nice. They’re just two dude bros who don’t insist on having their own rooms, they always share a two queen, get high in their cars after work and walk to the gas station for a 12 of whatever is cheap. I didn’t really think they knew anything about me at all, other than even when we’re pretty close to fucked as far as avails I always find them a room.

Unmarried Dude comes up to the desk when I got back from my vacation on Monday and says “Hey what the fuck I heard you’re leaving, what’s all that about?”

I told him I was taking a new job to make more money, etc etc and he asked when my last day was and I told him and he said “Man this fucking sucks. You’re always so rad. Dude Bro Number 2 is going to be sad. His wife loves getting you on the phone when she calls.”

I smiled and said thanks and didn’t think anything else about it.

Yesterday they both came by the desk and brought me a thank you card.

It said “Sometimes the people we count on the most are the ones who hear thank you the least. Since you’re one of hose people, I hope you always know how much you are appreciated.”

And they signed it “Mad Love, Dude Bro 1 and Dude Bro 2! Good Luck!”



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