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Welcome Back Ghost

So I have posted about the ghost in my hotel a few times.

Lately she’s been pretty quiet or our living customers have been so turned up that even the GhostGuest doesn’t wanna mess with them. Oh but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have her fun here and there.

We have these ladies that work for some kind of schooling/public works program and they do a lot of training in our area. So some of them stay with us every other month and most of them have their favorite rooms and some rooms they don’t like. One of these ladies showed up as part of their group tonight and she asked to be on the Ghost’s floor. So I start selecting a room and she stops me and says, “But I don’t want to stay in that back hallway. No way, never again.”

Me: Ma’am I’m sorry was there something wrong with your room last time?

TeacherLady: No but she don’t like me at all. You know who I mean.

Me: Wait… what room were you in?

TeacherLady gives me a room number that is not exactly the Ghost Room. It’s the connector to the Ghost Room though, like if you wanted to rent that room and the Ghost room you can swing a door open between the two and sort of have a suite. I definitely raised my eyebrows because I have this theory that the person responsible for our Ghost Guest becoming a forever resident entered the Ghost Room through those connecting doors. TeacherLady then says “I know it’s not the room but SHE was in there and never again.”

Me: Actually I do know what you’re talking about. She’s generally harmless, a little annoying but harmless usually.

TeacherLady: Last time she jumps on my chest and tries to strangle me. I’ll never stay back there again.

TeacherLady does not look like she is joking so I gave her a room closer to the front and her friend that she traveled with was supposed to have a room of her own but after listening to all of this decides she wants to share the 2Q room that TeacherLady was staying in, so I cancel her reservation and those two go off to their Ghost Free room.

Later the TeacherLady comes back down and says “You must think I’m crazy. But that girl she can not rest. She’s angry. She’s getting angrier. This is what I felt in that room. You must think I’m crazy.”

Me: Actually ma’am I believe you. You’re not the first woman in those rooms to ask to be moved or to complain about something feeling off about the room.  I don’t think you’re crazy, I don’t really like going up there either.”

TeacherLady: Someone needs to find who killed that poor girl.

And then the TeacherLady makes the sign of the cross and takes a cookie and goes back up to her room.

Man mother eff the top floor.


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