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The Muslim Family that joined us last week

There’s been so much anti-Muslim stories, opinions, etc in the media lately, I thought I’d share a story that is positive. Sometimes I hold fast to the belief that much of racism and irrational opinions about a broad cross section of humanity stems from not actually knowing someone of whatever group people are vocal about their dislike for, or just straight up fear. So this is my tale….

Last week a Muslim family checked in to the hotel. They had to get three rooms for all of them because we were sold out of 2 Queen bed rooms. One room needed a crib put in it for a very tiny baby.

I set the crib up while they were out to dinner and since we don’t provide baby linens, I improvised some crib bedding with creative folding and left them some extra hand towels because babies need to be burped and babies spit up. When I was doing all of this I hadn’t met them yet and my coworker had told me “The women had those things on their head.”

What things? What in the hell was he even talking about? He also didn’t tell me he’d already given them keys so when I went to prep the room for the baby it appeared not to have been checked in yet because nothing was in it and since we don’t have a master key, I mistakenly turned their keys off. I sort of forgot about it until I saw a large group, obviously family come in with a tiny baby and doggy bags from a local spot.

Thankfully I wasn’t with a customer so I was able to ask them if they had requested the crib and explained that I had by mistake deprogrammed the keys given to them at check in. They assured me it was not an issue because my coworker told them not to move in to any of the rooms yet in case we had a cancellation, we could swap them into a room with two beds to try to get them the actual rooms they wanted.

The “things” on the women’s heads were Hijabs of course. And the women and their Hijabs were so beautiful. And all six (well seven counting the baby) were so polite and nice and friendly. I gave them new keys and explained what I had put in the crib so in case they weren’t comfortable with it they could pull the bedding out. The mother thanked me over and over, which wasn’t needed, I was just doing my job.

A little later on, all three rooms requested extra blankets, which isn’t unusual. It happens two to five times a night honestly but the sweet men insisted on meeting me outside of the employees only area where we keep these to carry the heavy down comforters we provide. Now I can carry 5 of these at a time up three flights of stairs but they just didn’t want me to do so and they kept thanking me for going down to the basement to get the extra blankets and bringing them up to the first floor where their rooms were.

The two younger men in the group came out to the lobby later and offered me some of their leftovers/take out. I declined but only because I had just finished my dinner break when they had come in. Otherwise I would have taken them up on it, because they had gone to my favorite Muslim owned Middle Eastern spot and had some grub looking lamb with them.

They were so sweet and funny and when one of the women came out looking for hot water for their tea and I told them I’d go around to the tea station and help them, the thank yous started up again but then one of the younger men told me “You’ve been so gracious and helpful, if you could just point me to the tea station I will prepare my sister’s tea.” So I pointed it out and he asked me if he could make me a cup of tea while he was making his sister’s cup.

All and all the nicest family I’ve waited on in a very long time. I hope they enjoyed their stay enough to come see us again.


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