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We are one sold out property

So I arrive back at work after my trip to find out as of 3pm we had 19 rooms left to sell. That’s not a big deal. What’s a big deal is no one did the balancing on the rooms and we’re oversold a 2Q that is an Expedia reservation. Pre-Paid of course.

Our solution to this problem is to give them two rooms and comp one. Of course this is going to end up being a family with kids that are too young to sleep in another room from their parents or something to that effect. But it’s almost 10pm and they haven’t arrived yet so I’m praying they just no show. We were officially sold out of everything by 7:30pm. I couldn’t have rented a room to The Pope.

Earlier during my call around, The Hotel Burger King let me know that we’re still showing on HotelsTonight as having a room.

I assure you, I don’t even have a fucking broom closet to rent you, please do not toy with me you irritating 3rd party app.

Right after he tells me this, a woman comes walking in wanting her reservation for the two queen room she booked on HotelsTonight. I sigh and explain that we have no rooms and cue the hysteria of showing me her screen shot of the reservation and me explaining over and over that even if this app let her book a room, it sold her a room that wasn’t there. And her confirmations aren’t showing up in my system.

As I am getting everything ready to book her a room at another property she suddenly says “Oh wait! I actually have the email, my husband sent it to me! I’ll show you lady, I have a room.”

I almost died laughing when she handed me her phone. She had a room, at my BRAND but, in another city about 20 minutes away. She was at the wrong one. Here I was with my manager on hold, the lady from the Hotel TwoFreeMeals across the street which miraculously had a room to walk her to and this CrazyLady ™ is not only at the wrong hotel yelling at the wrong MobBoss, she’s in the wrong fucking city. Not even a I’m sorry for wasting three people’s time, she scurried out into the night.

The phone won’t stop ringing with people trying to walk up. It’s very simple, the university here has about 10000 students being returned to the area by the parents because spring break is over. Many kids can’t get back into their dorms until tomorrow night plus there are several large weddings taking place in town. If you can find a 2 queen room available, you’ll be paying 300 dollars.

As I was writing this up I got my favorite kind of guest. One that just ignores my cheerful greeting and just starts shouting their last name at me.


Me: I’m sorry, come again?


Me: Does Snowflake have a reservation with us? (Of course, they do, I’m staring right at it but I hate this kind of guest.)

Guest: It’s spelled SNOW…

Me: (Giving up pointing out that this is rude behavior and I don’t want to talk to the human spelling bee anymore): Please may I see your ID and credit card?

Guest: But we paid already its SNOWFLAKE.

Me: (says a bunch of shit about incidentals that they don’t listen to, checks them in, tells them where there room and the elevators are about 10 times as they keep interrupting me to fucking ask me the answer I am currently giving them.) Okay have a good night, sleep well now.

And then the phone rings and it’s fucking another HotelsDotCheapoMcXpedia reservation wanting the impossible dream.

I’m playing travel agent for all these rude walk ups because they won’t leave my lobby until they have a better idea of where to go next. Everyone gets to go to the Two Free Meals Hotel tonight.

I can not wait to go home.


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