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dear guests who i may have been short with

*from my personal notes about a week ago*

I have been fighting off the flu and a cold. This consumed most of my days off. I had to take two days off and even today I wasn’t feeling it but apparently we were soooo busy they wanted me to come in early. So I did. And was promptly met with the GM and my desk mate leaving for a getting to know you meeting. On the way to work I was starting to feel nauseated again but I figured I’d power through it and get on.

Until I got 7 check ins at once. And all the phones started ringing off the hook. And I had a Top Tier member come in that my coworker was supposed to have saved him a reservation and did not. And 10 call backs to do some of whom had been waiting over an hour. I was about to pull my hair out when I felt my stomach flip over and I knew I was going to puke.

Top Tier Member: But I am this level we always get a suite.

Me: According to this we don’t have any available.

TTM: But I am Top Tier Member and I get a suite.

Me: (internally I am literally trying not to puke on you right now I do not have time for this shit.) Sure that’s fine I’ll just bump someone else.

TTM: Also I need you to look up my membership rewards number I don’t have it out

Me:(still trying not to puke) Here let me write your name down and when the desk clears out, I’ll add it to your reservation and you’ll get your magic beans.

TTM: That cold’s really kickin’ your butt there little lady.

Me: Here’s your registration card

TTM: That’s not my rate. I am a top tier member

Me: Well I’m sorry sir that doesn’t change your rate (and I’d already given him a discount.)

TTM: well I guess that fella on the phone who didn’t make my reservation forgot to tell you I’m on the corporate rate of blah blah blah for Acme Insurance fuckheads INC

Me: (At this point I honestly don’t care) Sure, what is it

He tells me I key it and give him his keys and help the next 89 people waiting in the lobby and the minute the desk clears run and throw up.

Rest of the time I’m at the desk alone goes mostly the same. Co-Worker goes to lunch and I find out GM doesn’t know how to make reservations and just keeps transferring me all the calls. Co-worker comes back from lunch and mid conversation I excuse myself to puke.

finally after much dilberation they got my NA who I love in a strange way to come in 2 hours early to relieve my coworker and I get to go home. I wanted to call out today but I felt fine until I got up and started moving around. I have a feeling I’m going to get written up but honestly I’ve been sick since Monday and I don’t think there is a way to tell the flu to sit the fuck down so I can deal with Snowflakes.

Anyway dear guests, I apologize but I was trying not to throw up on your credit card.

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