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It’s not always a cluster

I’ve been lacking in stories and out sick for the last few days, but this is the story of tonight…

1-I have to get this out of the way because it’s too fucking funny. We got gift boxes from Expedia today.  The contents were priceless. Expedia Beer Coozies (thanks for reminding us why we drink) and Expedia Stress Balls. Irony is there some where but I can’t make this shit up. I’ll snap a picture if any are left tomorrow night.

2-We have a pretty full house but almost everyone checked in yesterday. To put it in perspective we have a bunch of freshman and sophomore college students finishing finals this week and their parents are all chillin at the hotel waiting to take them home. That’s probably half of them. Then a wedding. Then a teachers conference. And it’s raining. Usually a shit storm stew in other words…. but wait. It was so quiet tonight I let my co-worker go home 30 minutes early because he misread the schedule and made plans. All of the wedding people were super cool, funny, sweet, left the hotel to party instead of doing in their rooms. Nary a peep from anyone, so much so I was playing travel agent for people trying to stay with us via the phone on our next fuck off we’re super fucking sold out weekend and this one group just looking for a place to crash but our rates were just too goddamned high (I really tried to magic them into a room but no dice) they were really thankful for my help.

Let some teenagers from the wedding hang out and watch tv in the breakfast room, hardly heard them at all, when I went to check the bathrooms they were just sitting on the couch watching some show (I’ll give them a remote, I don’t give a fuck,  I have seven, they always bring them back) and braiding each other’s hair. I forgot they were there honestly.

Guy from the wedding had a buddy come looking for him and was totally cool that I couldn’t give him his friends room number and asked if I could call the room. I said sure and the wife said she’ll send him down but she does not want those hooligans in her room. She was laughing and the boys all snuck out for beers and Mr Husband was like “I have my phone, I have my wallet” and I said “But do you have your room key” and he said “Yeah but can you leave me another one in case I get rowdy and leave mine somewhere?” And I did and left it with NA. Poor man went out in a t-shirt and its raining here, he just didn’t want to wake up his kids to get a jacket.

3-The kinda sad but awesome moment is we have another guest from another one of our brands and it’s the flagship brand, like she works in outer space her hotel is so cool, she’s staying with us for a funeral but she assured me it was an expected passing and wanted to talk hotels with me, little ol’ me at the front desk at almost the lowest tier of our brand for a few minutes.

Enter our fairytale/magical apartment suite. We hooked her up. I told her I’d be working tomorrow night as well so if she needed anything just to ask for me or if she wanted to come down and hang out, I’d be glad to have the company. She seemed grateful.

4- My Night Auditor doesn’t want a surprise or pizza or anything for covering for me while I was sick. He was just like “They told me you begged them not to call and wake me up. Good enough.”

So it’s not always shit soup.

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