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the naked man

So we had a guest tonight that should have checked out yesterday but I guess he extended? Anyway there was a really embarrassing mix up with housekeeping today marking a couple of rooms as clean and inspected in the system when the guests were still in house.

Guess what that does in the system? It enables me to check someone into an occupied room. Pardon me I’m killing myself, brb.

Anyway one of the guests who had someone “walk in on him” this evening was the one who extended and he was cool about someone walking into his room. But why the fuck was he checked out and not extended? Shit fuck if I know it was an Expedia reservation for in the first place.

cries in Cartel while trying to solve the mystery

Whatever, we’re almost sold out and I can’t deal with having what may be an illegal guest in the hotel and I called the guy’s room over seven times and also got a noise complaint from dudes room so I finally gave up and went up and knocked on his door. Three times.

Finally he answers his door and yep, naked. Okay we don’t provide bathrobes but we have fucking towels. Fucking hang one on your dong.

Clearly dude bro isn’t coming down to settle his bill tonight. Proceeds to yell at me because he’s naked and I knocked on his door. Dude I called you 7 fucking times. Not being a dick, I just need even your name because someone checked you out enough that I was able to check someone else into your fucking room.

Anyway I cried. And I cried in front of my guests that were waiting for me while I was just trying to get this dude bros payment info and had to chase him all over the Cartel to just get screamed at like its my fault we need to be paid or like its my fault someone extended him and actually didn’t  I don’t know do that part.

Something is wrong but I’m too tired to care. I got called in to work overtime and back up my co-worker. I have three days off thanks to my family at the Cartel.

I gotta get up at like dawn tomorrow so I’ll wrap it here.

Unlike my guest who was super naked.

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