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seriously use your words

We got another shit show rating last night because we don’t have microwaves in all the rooms and there was a group of kids in the way of the communal one

I think I know who this guy was and if I’m right, he’s a scrooge I almost bounced for just being generally rude the other night.

We don’t keep microwaves in the room. You literally can just call down to the desk and fucking ask us about it. Much like your horrid rollaway beds we will bring one for you. I’ll even plug it in while you stare at my ass as I know you do especially when you don’t fucking tip me for lugging this 20 pound contraption up to your room so you’re not put off by having to walk past fucking high school kids to reheat a thing. I don’t care about your self entitled ass. Shut the fuck up.

Those kids who are irritating you and probably irritating me at the same time are still fucking guests of MY hotel.

Do you run this shit?


You would fucking cry in the first ten minutes. Get the fuck out of here.

You are clearly on the misconception we allow kids to stay with us en mass for free. Fuck off. Someone pays for their stay. Does it matter who pays for it? They sometimes pay more than you did, you expdedia/travelweb/ asshole.

Someone is paying the bill and these kids are guests.

I’m sorry that they offended you by being there and you had to walk past them and I’m sorry god didn’t give you the sense of a coconut to just ask my fucking front desk without leaving your room. We take care of people. You feel entitled enough to complain about other guests in the hotel because of their age, perhaps you feel entitled enough to actually ask us to do our jobs.

Just motherfucking call. It’s not hard. Don’t shoot us to hell for something without asking us to fix it prior. Like just ask. Is there a fucking microwave in my room? OR I DONT KNOW FUCKING ASK WHEN YOU BOOK THE RESERVATION.

I work swing tomorrow and I will have a good day. There will be nothing that can stand in the way of me going back to work and treating every guest like they are the most important person on the planet.

Because they are.


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