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PsychoShift Part 3 (so bad it’s wolfcop bad)

100% sold out again. Every goddamned hotel in town aside from the shitboxes  are sold out. There are like 3 things going on at the Very Important University and the weather finally stopped being awful and oh I don’t know it’s Saturday.

This happened every 10 minutes-

Phone call: Hi there wanted to see if you have any rooms available tonight?

Me: I regret to inform you we are 100% sold out, but I can point you to a couple of our friends who still have rooms (they’re not partners or anything, just places I know have rooms from my call around and if the GenderlessPersonHood of the Keys does anything, its house my guests when I can’t)

Phone Call: but are you sure you’re sold out?

Me: Yes (person) I am absolutely sure.

Phone Call: But why?

Why am I sure? Because I’m looking at the screen that tells we don’t have any rooms. Why are we sold out? Because our fucking infinite room closet broke and 100 people reserved the rooms you’re trying to stay in and paid out the asshole for them. Who gives a shit why? The answer to your question is we don’t have any fucking rooms.

Expedia/Hotelstonight/Priceline/ continues to annoy by fucking up two reservations for two guests who showed up making same day reservations. I don’t know what the fuck is going on with these third party websites but the dates are always fucked up or the exact tax isn’t right. Doesn’t matter had to send them both to somewhere else. It doesn’t even matter that I can’t adjust their third party reservations because unless they want to sleep at the pool in a chaise lounge I have nowhere the fuck to put you.

Had to do more rollaways today. I hate those things with a passion. People going through coffee like oxygen. And the rudest woman in the world on the phone making a reservation for a wedding and she she was still awful after I discounted her and kept asking me over and over if the rooms are clean because that’s a “pet peeve.”

No valued guest, we charge 309.99 per night the weekend you’re coming and we’re going to actually pay a hobo to fuck it up first before we put you in there.


I had several people tell me I’m the nicest person they’ve ever met. I was also told by both the people that I had to re-home that I  was 100% perfect at customer service. Got a 2 dollar tip for taking someone floss. Used it to tip my pizza delivery person.

Came home. Didn’t cry. Have tomorrow off. If anyone needs me I’ll be asleep.


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