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friday night on the psychoshift


We’re at 96% capacity between a comedy fest going on in town and it’s some kind of college bullshit this weekend. And walk ins, so many fucking walk ins.

But the guy I worked with tonight is super good and burned through most of my checklist for me before I even got there, so I let him go early. All that was left to do on the PsychoShift basically was lock the pool and tend to the 40+ check ins we still had.

Also awesome coworker and I swapped shifts tomorrow so I’m on PsychoShift again tomorrow night but at least I have time to get some sleep and have more than 8 hours off of work before I have to go back.

After my coworker leaves the phone continues to ring steadily almost all night. So many walk ins. The new thing they’re doing is straight up turning around and just walking out when I give them the rate. Cool fuck you too, at least say thank you that I looked it up.

Housekeeping used to make up the pull out beds for the guests in the suites. Apparently that’s not a thing anymore because I made up three suites couch beds tonight.

One of my visitors from abroad broke my ice machine grate. No idea how that happened. I fixed it and was actually curious why he needed so much ice. Just didn’t ask though.

Had an older gent stumble in asking to use our phone. I thought he was a guest. Nope, just some older guy needing to call his wife and his cell phone wasn’t working. He as it turned out wasn’t even staying with us. Whatever, he couldn’t find a payphone.

NA, I love him but he’s late every night and tonight he was late enough that I was still waiting on guests long after I was supposed to clock out.

The woman who had me put a rollaway in late last night came back and this time she wasn’t crying so that made everything go a little smoother. Now she says her whomever was staying on the rollaway left but another family member is moving into the room and god I seriously don’t care, bring a fucking service giraffe in at this point. I’m late clocking out and my husband has been pretending to read USA today in the lobby for a hot minute. After I tell her its fine that she can switch guests in the room she then tells me, “well we need fresh sheets for the roll away bed and it needs to be remade.”

NA swoops in then and says “Well can I help you with that?” And the lady said “Well MobBoss already said she’d do it and…”

I don’t know if that’s cos NA is a dude because really she’s traveling with her husband but whatever, your wish is my command the Hotel Cartel, let me help. So I told NA I’d do i and after I climbed out of the linen closet with all the things that are needed to make up a fucking rollaway (curse these things to the sun and back) the lady says “It’s okay MobBoss, I can make the cot up myself, I didn’t realize how late it was already, I’m sorry.”


So I let her make her own rollaway up and noped the fuck out of there. With my luck lately the rollaway will roll into someone else’s room or out the window because I didn’t do it myself.


One thought on “friday night on the psychoshift

  1. Wow. I have never stayed in a suite hotel where they made the pull-out couch for you! I always do that myself, with linens hidden in some closet or cupboard (or sometimes I have to call for them). Same with rollaways. I would never think to ask to have one made up. I guess I’m staying at the wrong places. Or…

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