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it’s always a party on Thursdays

Tonight started out batshit crazy, there was a line at the desk when I ran in early again so I started checking a really difficult reservation in before I even clocked in. Fun times but the dude was starting to look antsy.

I almost ran over the new GM running into the building. This is like the 3rd time I’ve ever met him so he must think I’m all class and grace.

Had whomever did mornings not do the bucket [the bucket is that weird box that your front desk agent puts that stupid piece of paper  you sign when you check in ] check and almost put a family into the wrong room because of it. Luckily the family wanted a roll away so it was only me trying to barge into the wrong room, they thankfully had deadbolted. Got it sorted and it was the same fucking problem as last week. Someone checked someone into a room and didn’t complete the check in on the computer. Fuck several ducks.

Had loads of fun with yet ANOTHER Priceline/Travelweb reservation. These ladies are with us for three days so we’ll be able to get it straightened out but I had to check them in on good faith because their virtual card kept declining. We’ve been having issues with 3rd party websites not authorizing cards for the correct amount or dates lately. Like on our end we’re matching the guests reservation or confirmation perfectly but the virtual card is effed up somehow. These ladies gave me a swipe of course for incidentals but were even willing to leave their credit card at the desk (we wouldn’t do that.) I told them to head out to dinner and I’d call Priceline and Priceline seriously tried to pretend like they couldn’t hear me on the phone and hung up. Okay, please go fuck yourself I don’t have time for this anyway because…

I have a sobbing woman in my lobby. Her father in law is passing soon and I guess she spoke to one of my coworkers about getting a discount for a room for a couple of nights but they didn’t make any notes about the discount and I tried everything I could aside from giving them a free room to get the room down to the random rate that my coworker quoted her. I got it under 150 and told her to go down and speak to the manager in the morning about any rate adjustments but literally Opera wasn’t playing any games with me tonight. And of course we’re out of two queens and my former property up the street is out of regular 2Q’s and their rates are even stupider than ours. So I put the family in a single King and went and found the stupid rollaway. Normally I would have just stuck them in a suite but all of our suites are still booked.

When my give a damn busted was around the time the phones were still ringing like crazy and I kept finding mistakes in the bucket, I decided to go out and lock the pool. Two cops are staying with us from Texas and thought I was going to throw them out. I told them it was cool, hang as long as they wanted, I was just out here to cover the handicapped chairs for the night, they offered to get out of the spa to help me. It was sweet.

Of course 20 minutes later I have some woman at the desk wanting to know why her room key will open her room and every door in the hotel aside from the gates to the pool and spa. That’s been closed for almost 30 minutes. That has a sign by it clearly stating what time it closes. It doesn’t work because the pool is closed. Because it’s almost 11pm at night. Because there are rooms that are next to the pool and other people want to go to bed. Please just go sleep in your room.

Back on PsychoShift 2 (Sharknado) tomorrow night. It’s gonna be a long assed summer.


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