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SOS please send pizza

Nah, don’t even trip, I’ll make due but last nights highlights included:

-Had a bus load of high school kids that I was aware of. Left the keying and blocking to my relief last night because hey he likes doing that shit and also I had to leave at a certain time and again, the entire place was on fire most of the day. The fire apparently didn’t go out so it was left to NA who didn’t do it and passed it of to mornings which was the new girl and  they blocked the rooms all silly and I ended up moving guests into rooms they didn’t want because we’re over sold again. Kill me. Does no one know how our PMS works? Fucking shit I’m a pissant and thanks to one of the members of the cartel I can at least balance the rooms. Whatever, if you have a head I have a bed.

-Had to call my boss from the Hotel Cortez where I used to work because I was trying to find a suitable room for a woman who was just trying to stay with us for a thing and we were full but no one wanted to return her call. She was super sweet. We’re just sold the fuck out when she wants to come. My former boss is a goddamned angel from heaven and offered to take her off my hands for a really low rate because its me but it was still too high. Her friends are staying at Motel SuperWhyTheFuckBudgetAreYouSureAboutThis and so all rates from properties equal to ours were too much but I got someone across the street at another at least in name boutique property to take her.

-Couldn’t even get my inlaws a room in the ghost room for when they want to stay. We’re super booked. Sorry inlaws. They’ll be staying down the road at FreePopCornInn otherwise known as “the place where the FDA often offers to give guests an 80 dollar rate to get them the fuck out of my lobby and sometimes jokes about just killing my cheapskate guests for me.” I have a feeling they’ll be fine.

-There was a guest who had a segmented reservation who lost all their “medicine” and I found it and booked it into lost and found, which was great because it did get returned to him. But his delivery medicine guy had to come back in while we were trying to figure out where it went. He got all of it back. He was grateful as hell. Not entirely sure what kind of medicine management thought it was, but it wouldn’t have been lost in the first place if people weren’t ignoring segmented reservations. Sometimes those types of reservations are also called extensions. Or when a guest makes two different reservations for the same week to get a different rate.

-Had some mean bastard ask me if we were running a homeless teen shelter because the high school group was doing their homework in the lobby and breakfast area. Motherbitch that also means they’re not in a room near you. The area they are closest to a guest are the two rooms I wouldn’t fucking sell to Hilter unless we’re sold out. Sorry young people make you mad. Go to your room and get the fuck out of the lobby and stop offending my guests.

Pay day is in three days and I’ll be able to afford my own pizza pie but seriously people get mad about the most random things. It’s just me and GhostGuest tonight closing so I’m sure I’ll have another story for you when I drag my ass home after the PsychoShift.


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