wait, what?

So I took a day off yesterday because I was too sick and too sore to move. Literally buried myself into my couch and watched tv and ate chicken soup.

Today I went back to do an 8 hour shift and first thing I get a late check out who approached the desk with the opening line …

“I’m a generous tipper you know so I was wondering if anyone could help me with my bags.”

Generous in my experience has been 5 to 6 dollars but sure I still have desk coverage and I’m stronger than my coworker that the ghost doesn’t like so I grabbed the trolley and followed the guest.

Eight bags, several grocery bags, an ab machine, a yoga ball, two breathing machines and two cart trip later, complete with the man and his wife having me actually pack his car, I was starting to regret this decision to jump on this grenade until he went ahead and handed me 30 dollars.

All in all even though I was sweaty and lost my magnetic name tag in their trunk, it took like 20 minutes just because the guest was older and moved slowly. But I was 30 dollars richer and just made myself a new name tag when I got in.

The rest of the night was pretty chill aside from being over booked again.

I had the sweetest family check in where the children all called me ma’am or Miss MobBoss so I upgraded them to a suite someone had cancelled on so the teenage son could have his own bed, all be it a pull out couch. I upgraded another guest to our apartment suite because they return a lot and the room we had for them was just too damned loud. I wanted to do it for free but we’re so full and I so we had to charge an upgrade fee but it was very minimal.

Order has returned to the Hotel Cartel. After suggesting some good places to eat and drink to some more polite guests, I went out and spent my tip money on my husband and I and I have two days off ahead of me.


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