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friendly advice

Another one from my old notes..

For the record if you tell the person making your hotel reservations to go fuck themselves you will find yourself staying In the nicest room the hotel has. Next to the ice machine, under an elevator , on the freeway side of the building with a complimentary upgrade to a key that randomly forgets you’re a guest. You’re welcome.


I’ll expand on this as I was pretty pissed when I wrote this down.

We’re a small property with under 100 rooms so its not uncommon for a FDA to be alone at check out even when we’re sold out, which we were yesterday. I was in the middle of checking out about 4 guests all of which wanted to split bills or change credit cards or give me a very long “review” of their stay here. All five lines were ringing at once and I asked a guest on the phone to hold. He didn’t want to hold and started yelling at me and I again apologized and promised him that the hold would only be brief and he told me to fuck myself and hung up.

We had caller ID at the last property I worked at, so I did make note of the name and kept checking people out. He called back later and asked for every possible discount we have under the sun. My second FDA took his reservation, refused any of his discounts and gave him the dreaded elevator room because he was just as unpleasant to my co worker as he had been to me.

Every hotel has a room that isn’t perfect. Don’t assign yourself to that room by being an ass.


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