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an old one

I’m off today, so you get an old tale from my personal notes


I work in a national brand and today was my second day, before that I was in a small boutique property. Today some man gets understandably upset as to why their shower won’t turn on. He gives me his room number 3 times in the middle of his tirade about the costs of his stay and age of building.

He won’t stop shouting long enough to ask him for his name so I can be sure he’s asking about the right room and our phones don’t really prominently display the room numbers when people call from inside the hotel. I wrote down what I heard while being cussed out for a national chains entire existence and sent my manager to the room I was told.

While my manager went to the room I was told had the fucked up bathroom, this man called and verbally shat on me two more times. We’re a large property and he insisted he knew exactly how long it takes to get to get to the room, etc. He keeps giving me this certain room number and as it turns out he is now irately giving me the room number of the person who is checking out in front of me.

“Sir you can’t possibly be in that room unless a member of your party is checking out for you in advance, that guest is in front of me turning in their keys.”

There was a pause and he started bellowing his correct room number at me and telling me I was a liar and never sent someone up there. My fdm went up there and immediately came back mad at our special snowflake who then proceeded to walk by three more times talking shit while eating breakfast.

The shower wasn’t broken they just weren’t fully turning the knobs. Seriously. This cee you next Tuesday got a bushel of points and got the satisfaction of insulting me and making me cry because his kid can’t work a shower.

And this is during a tour for a college.


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