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Where’s Ashton Kutcher?

Walked in to find some unfamiliar people in the Cartel House today.

Owners. Unfamiliar GMs from other properties filling in and delivering the news that we no longer have a GM. No other familiar managers were around and this literally was the first time we met anyone. My former GM has been at this property for so long I was starting to think they built it around her.

Co-worker called out sick meaning that it was just the GM from another property, new co-worker who the ghost hates and whoever the fuck else was supposed to be on mornings today and literally everything in the world was going batshit crazy.

Some highlights include:

Oh right I checked someone into a room marked clean and inspected that ALREADY HAD A FUCKING PERSON IN IT. On my screen the person in that room was in another room so how the fuck am I supposed to know. Someone did a room move and didn’t notate it or change it in the system so surprise meet your new best friend Mr Stranger, Ms Lady I didn’t know was in the fucking room.

Moving on…

(Jesus fuck there is a girl in cow slippers without pants on in my lobby right now, I so completely do not give a fuck. Be naked. Hang out with my Hong Kong Farmers playing cards again tonight, I literally do not fucking care.)

Had a bunch of Expedia fuck ups. Literally didn’t have time to figure them out. Just checked people in and gave up.

We’re over sold and have all these pissy stupid problems with rooms. Like I have no idea what the fuck went on after I left last night but we’re short a 2Q, and I pray to fuck I am out of here before I have to explain that one to a guest.

NOTHING seemed to have been cleaned today. I keep finding garbage and bullshit all over the hotel. Back elevator smelled like weed so bad earlier that I almost put it out of order but I just threw some fabreeze at it and gave up. Anyway I need the goddamned thing because literally no one did shit today and I have to keep going downstairs. So whatever, throw some lilacs at it and pray.

EVERYONE IS FUCKING SMOKING EVERYWHERE. I’m trying to corral them into the same area in the parking lot but I literally can’t care. All these rooms are gonna smell like shit tomorrow.

Phones, fuck those things. Every single call I’ve gotten has been complicated, rude or unsolvable. Fuck the phone.

I’ve got a room with a broken lock, one with a shower that the old people staying in it can’t turn off, another puker in the parking lot and I can’t like… this girl is tired.

I just said fuck it to my check list. I haven’t been at the desk long enough to do anything but answer the phone, try to fix this shit and cry.

One hour to go. If anyone even looks at me once I clock out, I’m stabbing them. (LOL not really, but the phone is definitely getting lit on fire.)


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