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100% sold out again, fight me.

Seriously no disrespect to my Chinese guests from Hong Kong, other than playing cards for hours in the breakfast room at night, they’re stellar and even bought me dinner tonight, but its so difficult when I can’t fix their wifi log in. I can’t make their computers talk to our router and I don’t know why because I can’t read the fucking error messages. I feel so bad. I even brought my laptop out of the back and showed them how I do it but I imagine the watch and follow along approach isn’t the best in this case because they still couldn’t connect.

cries in defeat I’m smarter than this netbook goddamnit.

Tonight the high school kids are back. It’s a different group and their advisors are super cool and funny and gave me personal cell phone numbers in the event the kids get out of line. The only problem we had was we didn’t have a room keyed up for the bus driver, and we fixed that. Since this wasn’t a weird school that told me NOT to give the kids the wi-fi I had a couple of kids come up to the desk asking for it.

The group check in process with kids is hand the group leader all the keys and pray. They get key packets with the same information I would normally explain to the guest personally. Without a stage and a bullhorn I couldn’t explain this to everyone at once so we depend on the chaperones.

When the kids came down a few times asking for the wifi code I must have gone on auto pilot because I said “Oh here it’s on the key packet” and went to get a packet and the kid looked at me deadass and said “we’re kids, why would we know that?” I gotta admit I laughed.

100% sold out again tonight. Had a REALLY violently angry review about the high school group from the richy rich high school and their noise level. I literally can not care but we were at 100% satisfaction before this motherfucker and his shitty review. When we have that many students I try my best to put our adult guests on the upper floor but we’ve been… so… full…

People wonder why I’m asleep whenever I’m not at work.

It’s just me and the GhostGuest tomorrow night on the Psycho Shift.

Come at me Summer Season, I’ve got your number. I haven’t cried after a guest has been rude to me in two months. Fight me.



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