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tales from tuesday

So tonight was an interesting mixed bag for my first day back at work.

Let’s start with the fact they tried to call me in on Sunday. I slept through a large portion of Sunday because of my shift on Saturday. If I had been remotely alive when the phone rang I would have found my ugly shoes and gone to work. But I’d died. I was literally in a coma and nothing was gonna wake me up.

I’m not in trouble for this because I’m not on call. But fuck if I didn’t need to sleep.

So I get there today and everything is really chill. Bosses aren’t pissed I didn’t pick  up the phone, we’re still close to a full house etc. The two interactions that stuck out though pissed me off beyond reason.

Interaction one:

Typical trying to make a reservation through a third party and fucking it up. Basically this broad was trying to tell me she made her reservation through our website and its a non refundable reservation. NON REFUNDABLE. But hey, I’m a nice person and looked into it. Not only was she lying to my ears, she was literally trying to game us.

No one makes a reservation through my company’s website that I can’t change.

This was clearly through but she swears up and down its our “fault” she RESERVED HER OWN STAY WRONG. Like three months wrong. When does she want to stay? Oh the weekend that’s gonna inflate her rates by like 50%?

Get out of here. You completely can’t walk and breathe at the same time or are trying to scam us. And man did I try to help her, to the extreme of getting a manager to call her back in the morning. Yah, nah she told me to fuck myself and slammed the phone down. I was nothing but nice but whatever.

Moving on. We have a large group of Chinese farmers staying with us for a conference. Not a big deal. They wanted to play cards and eat take out in the breakfast room which  I was down with until some bag of crap came down and interupted a check in from a nice military man to ask me why THOSE PEOPLE got special privileges and also to let me know he didn’t like the smell of “THOSE PEOPLE’S” food.

Oh boy. I seriously wanted to toss him but held my cool. My Military friend who can’t stop calling me Ma’am no matter what I say to him, had some choice words after that chump left the desk to go be racist in his own room.

My Military Friend “Ma’am I would have told him exactly where to stick that attitude but you’ve been so kind to my wife and I through all our difficulties with my wallet being lost and I have to live here for 26 days so I didn’t want to get you in trouble. But that man was wrong. He was a terrible person and I’m sorry you had to deal with him. Y’all have a good night. You need any help down here you just dial my room.”

I swear we have regular nights sometimes. Not this month though.



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