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uneasy relationship with Uber

I’ve had two different Uber drivers try to follow me INTO my apartment or ask me out when giving me a ride home from Hotel Cartel. 95% of my drivers are the bees knees and I love using the service as well as Lyft because I’ve actually made friends with regular drivers. But these two dude bros tried to come on to me and then because they picked me up at work, came by my work on several occasions trying to see me. One in particular who even after I told him I was married insisted on asking me out while I was trapped in his car.

I complained to Uber. I complained to my management. I complained to other Uber drivers. I told like anyone who might help me get this one creeper to stop coming in to use my lobby bathroom and ask me out.

One of the Uber drivers finally got fired or disbarred or whatever the fuck happens to them, but the last of the creepers was still coming in, but one night he came in, harassed me a little and then went to the bathroom at the end of my shift. Enter my night auditor.

My night auditor doesn’t talk much and doesn’t really seem to like anyone. He’s super nice but like any kind gesture he just seems annoyed by. However in the brief exchanges we have regarding the state of the Cartel the story of the Uber stalkers has come out and on this night Uber Driver was in the men’s room still and I mentioned it to the night auditor who said “Are you clocked out? Is your husband in the parking lot?” I said yes to both of these things and NA says “I’m walking you to the door.” And he does and watches me get into my husbands truck and I was so touched but it doesn’t end there.

The next time I see night audit he says “that guy is not coming around here anymore.” And I say “NA how do you know?” and NA says “believe me he’s not.”

I haven’t seen scary Uber driver in about 3 weeks so either my NA killed him or finally had the stern talking to him that I’d been asking for or called the cops. Night Auditors aren’t to be fucked with.


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