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Just me and the ghost again tonight

We’re pretty full so we’ve had to put guests in rooms we normally wouldn’t. The Ghost Room is one of those rooms and tonight we have a VIP in it. I would have literally put them in the elevator room before the Ghost Room.

So of course the minute my partner goes off to lunch tonight, the Ghost Room calls and the Ghost has broken  the toilet again. Every single time. I don’t know what the Ghost has against toilets but she likes to break the flusher. I am a pro at fixing the flusher now and it’s fine, I was just worried that our VIP guest would ask to be moved to a less Ghosty room but she didn’t. While I was fixing the toilet the guest in that room says to me “I’ve been staying here for over 20 years… I know what room this is.”

So I had a laugh about that and then got stuck in the elevator. It’s really never boring here.


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