the meat people part two

The meat conference continues.

Right now a large number of the meat people are in the breakfast area partying and carrying on. I was nice and bent the pool rule for the evening because I’d rather let these people in than have them jumping the fence and cracking their head open. I’ve had two calls from an escort agency so far tonight and someone offered to tip me in weed for calling them a cab. (I am thinking the escort agency was a prank call but whatever I don’t care.)

The meat show people are getting their freak on tonight.

There was a mixer for the meat show people across the street at some venue and they all came back with more beer and more wine and more moonshine (no seriously) and are getting sauced. I just saw some guy walk by in a towel and I’m not even going to ask why.


The Meat People swear abundantly and tip well.  Duly noted for next year.

edited to add this: there was some dude that went through my lobby twice without pants just wearing a towel. its not the first or last time this has or will happen in my lobby. what the fuck is so hard about putting pants on. Oh well the hot tub people tipped me five bucks and I got to break up a drunk fight in the first story hall way. there were many “sorry ma’am’s all around”


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