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the meat people

Our hotel has been taken over by a meat convention. Yes it is exactly what you’re thinking…

So I have a hotel full of cowboys, rednecks, butchers, farmers and professors of cows. And by goodness there are a lot of them. And they all have 5 kids a piece as it seems or are going outside and acquiring more children after check in. I’m 90% sure every room at the Hotel Cartel is over occupancy but hey what I don’t see, I don’t know.

What I do know is I’ve seen at least 5 different check ins roll out with open beers. There’s a family drinking beer in my breakfast room which is actually behaving but like 90% of the questions I’ve been asked have revolved around beer. Being a former resident of Northern California and the child of a family with ag interests, none of this is shocking to me but it definitely sketched out a couple of my coworkers who’s never seen someone get out of the drivers seat of a lifted pick up truck with an open container. In the place I’m from we call that Tuesday.

This is my long shift and these people are going to be handfulls later on tonight. Sorry night audit, I’m an FDA not a bouncer.

Oh and a guest had a fridge delivered here today. For meat.



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