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The 100 dollar tip

So when I worked for an independent property I had some guests come in that were interesting to say the least. At first it seemed like grandparents taking their grandson to see our near by university but it got weirder and weirder.

Grandmother and grandson… check that was correct.

Trump family rich…. check

Male companion, I have zero clue to this day as to what his relation to the family was. It varied as the day went on.

Around 9am when the lady guest and her grandson left to see the campus the gentleman came down and asked me where he could get a beer at 9am in our little town and I started into the song and dance about how the pubs that served food and booze opened at 11am.

“MobBoss I just want to go to a bar with alcohol that is open.”

So I told him the local pub opened at 8 am and called him a cab.

I called down to the pub and let them know and Questionable man strolled in and bought drinks for everyone. He also tipped my friend working a 50 spot.

When the man comes back to my hotel he’s 8 sheets to the wind and asks me to hire a limo for him and the woman he checked in with to go back to the city they came from. He also sends me to the store to purchase a shit ton of wine. Okay.

I did all of this and baked them some extra hotel cookies and even defused a fight between himself and his lady, she was mad about the limo but hey I know people and got them a huge discount because it was a friend of mine driving them home. His tip wasn’t small but… When I handed the drunk gentleman a plate of cookies, a wine opener and two glasses he shook my hand and gave me a 100 dollars.

Not joking. I thought it was a 10 at first but it’s rude to look at you tips before the guest leaves and a 10 would have been fine. But when I went on my ten and I saw it was 100 I squealed. I lived off that cash for a week.

I’ll never know what was going on in that family but bless their hearts to the moon and back.


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