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A life less frightening

There is a guy who works at the gas station the whole Hotel Cartel goes to constantly who I saw praying on his prayer mat outside near the dumpsters and I talked to my coworkers and we all agreed that as long as his boss will let him run over to where we are (2 doors down) that he can use our facility to pray. Our extra back office and our fitness room face the right direction. No one should pray near a dumpster.

I’m proud to work for a business that loves people.

We also host weekly Girl Scout meetings in the Breakfast Area. One of my troop moms came up to ask for the wifi password last night because she’d been using her own MiFi hotspot on site and I was like “Why? Don’t do that, WiFi comes with your visit!” and handed her the password. Of course she felt bad and explained that she didn’t want to take advantage of us since we’re donating the space.  I told her it was part of the guest experience and donated or not, she’s a guest in my facility and she can use the wifi, stop using up all her data.

“We already have a case of cookies on order for you guys, you’re all so nice to us.” she tells me.

Why wouldn’t we be nice?

Love always wins.


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