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pervert in the ghost room

One from my private journal


Working the front desk the other night a film crew came in. Small time film crew, they film tourism and travel videos. Well one of the guys on the crew looked enough like someone I used to know to give me a supreme jolt. When he got up to the desk to get his keys he made a beeline for my station and immediately turned on the charm full blast.

It was unsettling. I got the feeling if I handed him this keys he’d try to touch my hand so I slid them across the counter with one finger so he’d have to pick them up off the counter. He was taking so long to fill out his registration card because he kept stopping to ask me some kind of question about breakfast or the pool that his buddies were all done and came over and then all three of them starting asking me for suggestions for bars to go to and places to eat, pretty standard. The guest in the Ghost Room was smirking a very familiar at least to me smirk and leaning in on the counter to hear my responses. When they turned around to go to the elevator, the guest in The Ghost Room turned around and winked a very familiar wink at me before disappearing into the elevator.

I looked up at my coworker and said “That guy is going to call for towels or SOMETHING before the end of our shift.”  Imagine my coworker’s surprise when not even 15 minutes later the guest in The Ghost Room called down asking for pool towels.

“Sure sir, we’ll have someone bring them right up or you can stop by the desk on your way to the pool.” I said in my customer service voice. He requested they be brought up. “You can bring them up can’t you?”

I looked at my coworker when I hung up the phone and said “You couldn’t get me to take those towels up to save my life, I’m not going up there for anything.” So my coworker looks at me like I’m crazy because everyone hates that room for another reason, not just because this guy  kind of being a dog or is just a natural dog is staying in it. But she rolls her eyes and says she’ll take the towels.

When she got back she was all “I don’t know how you knew that was a scam but he was visably disappointed when it wasn’t you bringing the towels.” And I said  “Oh?” and she said  “Yeah he said ‘Oh I thought the other one, the one on the phone was bringing them, didn’t expect you.”

I won’t say who the guest in The Ghost Room reminded me of but damn if they don’t act the same. The gentlemen went out into the night later on and of course stopped to get a cookie from the front desk and give me another savage wink before leaving. I clocked out that night knowing that Ghost Room would be gone by the time I got back to work the next day, still shaking my head.


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