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Lobby Music

Our lobby music comes from a satellite network that is specific to my properties brand and there isn’t a hell of a lot we can do to control it besides turning it up or down or off completely, which trust me was all I wanted to do at Christmas.

Our lobby music tends to skew younger, current pop hits, some country mixed in and of course the oldies. I really never know what’s going to come up because it does seem totally random, even coming from my musical background and sometimes it gets stuck on one genre for a good 3-4 songs which again doesn’t make sense to me. Here are some of the odd or interesting things I’ve heard this week.

Not the weirdest song to play in a hotel lobby but I was surprised.

I thought this one was an interesting addition to the lobby.  I actually love this song even though I’m not really the biggest fan of Moby.

Okay full disclosure I love this Jamiroquai song, I always have. Until this week. I’ve heard it more than when it came out in 1997. I’ve literally heard it every day twice a day for the last two weeks. What’s next Len, “Steal My Sunshine?” (yes actually that came on too.)

The two songs though that I love the most because they make me realize I’m old and the music that was hip and edgy years ago is literally lobby music now are as follows:

Wait, what?

Before you think I work in some hipster hotel, let me assure you that this came on like right after New Order…

Thankfully I know where the skip button is…


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