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Group reservations

Whoever created the idea of group reservations should seriously apologize to the entire industry of hoteling.

We have a popular company in house at the moment. They do this training at our facility and they sell a thing that people use. But an interesting thing I’ve noticed about this group is that it’s a 50/50 shot if their individual sales people’s cards will authorize for incidentals.

Our incidental fee is 20 bucks and I have zero idea how anyone travels out of freakin state without at least 20 dollars on their card but what the hell do I know? The kicker is these incidental charges are reversed when the guest checks out provided they don’t damage the room. Some resorts have incidental fees that are four times as much as ours and if these people travel this much they most likely know this.

I had two of the four people that I checked in from this group produce a credit card that was declined. I let them in anyway because when their group leader gets in, in the morning, they’ll cover all those fees but I’m just saying guys who were kinda rude to me because their credit cards didn’t go through, 16 girls who were here for a college Lacrosse tournament over the weekend were able to pony up that big 20 dollar fee….


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