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Underwear man

So my first hotel job was for a small independent property and some very silly things happened there from time to time, but by far the most amusing was the Underwear man.

Pro-tip, hotel workers hate it when you ask for a cot or a roll-away bed. There’s many reasons but mostly we just see it as cheap unless you’re staying on a disaster relief stay. You know how many people are in your family, do your research and stop booking through Orbitz or whatever so you can actually choose a room that accurately represents the number of people who need their  heads in beds.

Underwear man did not do that.

Underwear man somehow tricked another co-worker of mine at the Hotel Cortez into giving him a roll away bed for a room that legally shouldn’t have a rollaway bed in it. We have fire codes after all. I was working a swing shift with a coworker who had just had surgery when the call came down that Underwear man was having an issue with his rollaway bed.

His issue was that he was done with the roller and the person on the shift before me told him to just put it in the hall and someone would come and get it. So he, in his underwear goes to drag the roller into the hallway… and locks himself out of his room. So now I have a 40 something year old man in his tighty whiteys with a beer in one hand and a roller bed that he tells me is “too fucking heavy to hold up” in my 4th floor hallway.

Our suite was on the 4th floor so as usual I go running up to let Underwear Man back into his room. And he’s literally sitting on the bed he has now laid down because it was too heavy to hold up in his underwear locked out of his room.

I let him back in to his room and was shocked when he decided not to help me at least lift his roller back on to its wheels so I could cart it off to the fresh hell which it came from. He was probably embarrassed that I saw him drinking Bud Light in the hallway in his underwear.



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