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The dog lady

So about ten minutes before I got off of my surprise shift tonight, the phone rings and it’s a lady in her car asking to confirm a Travelocity reservation and then starts telling me that there wasn’t a place to include her dog on the reservation.

We don’t allow pets on our property. Service animals yes, but pets are a no.

So I say “Ma’am I’d be more than happy to confirm your reservation, I’ll need your first and last name and for your dog I just need to know if it’s a service animal.”

It’s legal for me to ask that. It’s not legal for me to ask them to prove it or even to ask what the dog does. Just is this a working dog? (Just McFreakin say yes, please. If you say yes I can’t ask you anything else.)

Instead of doing any of that she hung up, which means it’s definitely not a service dog and now tomorrow I have to keep an eye out for a rogue dog.


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