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Weird phone calls

Taken from my private notes, about a week ago…

1- Caller from “Amex” wanting personal information about a guest’s stay, claiming they had emailed us and faxed us the proper paper work to acquire this information. I’m actually not even sure they can do that but also it was way after a business manager or manager of any kind was on the property. When my co worker asked for a call back number for this guy’s branch he got huffy and said that he couldn’t give out that information. This screams of SCAM so my partner just says “Well I will have my boss call Amex directly tomorrow to release that information to someone at the direct number we have here to contact them regarding billing, what was your name again?” And of course dude hangs up.

Later after my partner leaves the phone rings and it’s a rude man asking me to tell him if a guest is still there. I can’t acknowledge if a guest is here or not. Especially when the caller won’t identify themselves. (Spoiler alert the guest isn’t here.) Man of course is pissed off and tells me he knows the room number, so when I ask him for it he gives me room 102.

We don’t have a room 102. It is without a doubt not a room on our property at all. It’s actually our lobby “number.”

So I tell the guy this and he just keeps on about how it’s illegal for me withhold that information and asking me what people who need to get a hold of the guest do then if I can’t give them that information and I said “Well usually if it’s a friend of a family member they call the person’s cell phone. But I can not tell you if that person is here or not and I can not connect you to a room that doesn’t exist. Can I do anything else for you?”

Clearly I need to go fuck myself for him. I’m still pretty sure it’s a scam or an abusive husband calling hotels looking for his wife or something shitty so whatever.


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