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The rap video

At my first property we had a couple of guests come to stay with us that kept lets say… weird hours. They would call in to the front desk a couple of hours after house keeping went home in order to get their bed made because they kept sleeping through the times when housekeeping could have cleaned their room.

One afternoon I was working and they called down demanding their beds be made, etc and because my partner at the desk was recovering from a surgery I volunteered to go. I went to the basement and grabbed the linens required and went up to the room.

I was not ready for this.

This room reeked of weed, which of course I have to report. When you smoke weed in a room you are putting that room out of order for at least two days. One at the least. But also there were so many empty bottles of Crown Royale Apple in the room on top of about three cases of beer, all out in plain view. Some Hennsessy.

I worked days at the time so I never heard anything about these guests other than them asking to have their bed made late in the day. I hardly saw them.

They’d left the tv on and it was blaring rap videos and I just shrugged. Everyones an asshole in a hotel room if they don’t know someone in the business.

But then I went to make the bed.

Oh lord I need bleach for my brain after that shit. They left a variety of marital aids in the bed and on the bedside table. No judgement but you’re asking someone to come into your room while you’re gone and make your bed and you leave all this questionable stuff out… Stuff I really dont want to touch.

I went back down to the desk and got gloves so I could at least make the bed and left all their toys on a towel on the table in the room, made the bed and prayed to God these people wouldn’t come back before I clocked out.

They did. And they stopped at the desk and asked me if I’d found time to make their bed.

“Oh absolutely. I will advise you though since you are staying for another couple of nights, our professional housekeeping staff leaves by 3 or 4 at the latest every day depending on the volume of guests we have. Making up rooms is not something I’ve been trained to do and if there isn’t another agent on duty we can’t accommodate that request again.”

The answer I got back from these people was priceless.

“Well we’re filming a rap video in the room so we stay up kind of late.”




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